Monday, February 9, 2009

Gardens and Dolphins

Not too much to update. I’m just getting better from a sweet 5 day cold, so all I’ve really done in the last couple days is go into town a couple times and go to the beach. The other day at Clifton Beach was literally one of the hottest days I have ever experienced. But the water is so damn cold. Another contradiction. I’m beginning that that is what South Africa is all about. I can’t overstate how amazing these beaches are. Everything is just beautiful… the mountains leading directly into the sea, and enormous rocks, and blue-green water. When we first got there we went for a walk along the strip, climbing rocks along the way. There was one set of rocks that kind of jutted out into the sea, and one that you had to jump to. The waves were crashing violently against it, so standing on the rock meant you would get sprayed until you were soaked. It took me a while to stop hesitating and just jump to it, but it was worth it. We even saw a pod of dolphins (of course thinking they were sharks at first) as the life guard was kicking us off.

The other day it rained for the first time in three weeks, or a least since we’ve been there (I’m sorry Emily!). Anyone that was left on our street decided to run out and dance in the rain, even though there was lightning and thunder. You would think it would have been refreshing, but the rain was as warm as bath water.

Yesterday a big group of us went to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens for a concert. The gardens are absolutely stunning. Everything is perfectly green and it is one of the most biodiverse spots in the entire world. The concert was fun, but it was just so oppressively hot!

Right now we are trying to plan probably the most poorly organized trips ever. We want to go to the crystal pools, which are about an hour along the coast away from Cape Town. It is supposed to be beautiful. We are going to stay the night and then go to Hermanus (Whale Capital of South Africa) the day after. We have to rent cars to go out there, which would be fine except for the fact that the only cars available in ALL OF CAPE TOWN are standards and none of us drive stick. Will and Aaron are learning to drive stick as we speak (online). Should be interesting…


  1. hahaha that sounds amazing! i cant believe they're learning offline...yikes i hope that goes well. i miss dancing in the rain. this summer its gotta happen. im also glad you're feeling better and enjoying the area, it sounds absolutely stunning... you're a love!

  2. Hey Kiddo, I was just informed about this blog and looked you up. Glad to see you are having such an amazing time (and that you are describing it in more eloquent adjectives). I have Isabelle and Reno with me I showed them the pics and they both have comments for you.
    Reno wants to know if you will play soccer (or basketball or baseball) with him when you get back.
    Isabelle would like to ask if you learned any "African" words and if you like any of the new food.
    Love you, Jackie, Isabelle, and Reno